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Usman February 18, 2009 07:46

angle rotated
Hi, I am modelling stator/rotor interaction in Fluent. Is it possible to know how much the rotor (in degrees) has moved with respect to stator trailing edge.

Many Thanks,

Grzegorz February 18, 2009 10:37

Re: angle rotated
Yes, you can probe by mouse specific place of your rotor (i.e. corner or somethink) and you will get cooridnates of this point. Then use simple math to calculte the angle/angles. Another way is to calcuate the angle based on the flow time - assuming that at time t=0 you have angle alfa = 0, and now you have time t = t1 you can calculate current angle acording to the following formula: alfa_new = t1[s]*(omega[rpm]/60). If your rotor did a full revolution you need to substact 360 from alfa_new. Hope this help.

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