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Mehdi February 20, 2009 11:15

Hi guys;

I have imported a file from Solidworks to Gambit. It is a simple body of a solar car.The purpose is to create CFD by using Fluent.

Can anybody help me how to start with Gambit in order to mesh the body? any useful tutorial?


Isaac February 20, 2009 16:11

Re: Gambit
There should be a tutorial in GAMBIT that is something like importing and cleaning geometry .... sedan. I do not remember the exact title but it is something to this effect. Try that. It should guide you through.

Mehdi February 20, 2009 21:32

Re: Gambit
Thanks Issac for your help.

Following the Sedan Geometry Tutorial, I meshed the body of the car but:

"After the whole process, meshes just can be seen for the edges not for the whole body (just very small lines around the car)!!!"

also, it seems very strange that when I import the file from Solidworks to Gambit, the whole edges are in blue which means the edges are fully connected without any cleaning!!!

Does any body have any idea and can give me a hint?


raj February 26, 2009 22:26

Re: Gambit
import as STEP file and give less tolerance..hope it works..

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