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Ralf Schmidt February 21, 2009 14:04

Fluent / Gambit on VISTA or XP ???

I want to buy a new powerful laptop to run fluent and gambit on it.

Now my problem: what is the best operating system for maximum performance?

Ok, many of you would argue, I should use Linux... But somehow, I really prefer Windows ...

Now, if windows, what is the best system for fluent / gambit? Win Vista or Win XP?

Is it a good idea, to use Win Vista 64 ?- its support 4GB ram

Or (I had that idea while writing this email) can I use Linux for simulation with fluent and Win (xp or vista) for email, internet, office parallel? What to do for that?

thanks for answering! Ralf

Ralf Schmidt February 24, 2009 05:09

Re: Fluent / Gambit on VISTA or XP ???
ok.. I made my decision:

I gonna install on the notebook a dual / or trial boot system:

Win XP / Win Vista / Suse Linux

And install Fluent / Gambit on all 3 op systems. Vista to try it (I heart a lot bad about it... but also good thinks...), XP because I know it and Linux because simulation will probably be faster.

I'll give you an update, how these systems perform... a kind of benchmark :)

Some hints, what I have to consider doing so???


Yee-Hern.Tan February 25, 2009 22:35

Re: Fluent / Gambit on VISTA or XP ???
i work on window XP 64 bit. u need to have .Net framework 2.0 in order to run Fluent. just download the add on from microsoft website.

Window XP 64bit works pretty well and it tolerant 32bit application. I now operating on mixing 64bit application and 32bit application. I not sure about the performance, but it support 8GB of memory , so its good for my large mesh count simulation.

remember to update to service pack 2.

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