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Freeman February 22, 2009 15:11

Adapt mesh without modifying boundary layer cells?
Hi all!

I am studying the ahmed body case in order to try to benchmark and try to lear adapting the mesh to become a grid independent solution.

The question that I have is how could I adapt the mesh (with the Adapt command in fluent, by gradients of vel. magnitude or turbulence intensity...) without also adapting the boundary layer? I ask this because when I arrive to the convergence and I want to refine de mesh adapting it by gradients of, let's say, vel.magnitude, Fluent also adapts cells in boundary layer, but I don't want this as cells in boundary layer are already correct, because they are in the interval of Y+(30,300)

Is it possible to do that? Could you please tell me how to do this, the metodology to do this adaption without interfering boundary layer cells?

Thanks a lot in advance.


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