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Suresh February 23, 2009 10:51

Conjugate heat transfer with periodic boundaries

I want to simulate conjugate heat trasfer Analysis of motor having both stator and rotor with heatsources, so i modeled 45 degree sector for the analysis with nonconformal rotational periodic interfaces. Multiple reference frame model was taken for rotor stator domain interface. The flow simulation (without any solid regions) was converged and got reasonable results but not getting realistic results when i included conjugate heat transfer method. I had taken around 400 Watts heat source for the solid parts. From the residual converging plot, its showing energy equation was converged but getting only 5-10k tempertaure difference for the whole domain global range.

I have some queries regarding my analysis

1. Is it possible to solve conjugate heat transfer with rotational periodic interfaces in Fluent.

2. If so, What are the boundary conditions for the periodic interfaces of the solid region

Please help me for this.

Thanks in advance Suresh

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