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Ameya Durve February 24, 2009 14:52

Manipulating the advection term of the UDS
Dear All

I want to solve a transport equation for my UDS. The transport equation reads as follows

u.div(phi)-alpha.laplacian(phi)=production-turbulent dissipation

I am solving the equation by using "mass flow rate" as the "flux function" for the UDS and hooking UDF's for diffusivity and source terms. (Source = production -dissipation). however, I was not geting the desired result and hence, I am trying to manipulate the advection term also.

But i have a doubt.

The macro used for manipulating the advection term (DEFINE_UDS_FLUX) is hooked where we define the flux function, "mass flow rate" in my case. Then how do I solve for source and diffusivity.

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