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Mijail February 25, 2009 21:57

Stratified Oil-water Flow simulation
Hi Fluent Users: I've been trying to reproduce, using Fluent, the results for this paper on stratified Oil-water flow: "Numerical study of stratified oilâ€"water two-phase turbulent flow in a horizontal tube" by Hui Gao, Han-Yang Gu and Lie-Jin Guo, they used their own CFD code and got preety good agreement with the Experimental axial velocity profiles. The thing is that I always get profiles like there were only one phase flowing (no matter the water cut). On that paper (and on the original thesis the data was taken from) the axial velocity profile has a smooth curve right on the interface of both phases (in the opossite direction to the flow), I used a 0.05575m diameter,5m long grid with the inlet divided into 2 faces were I put constant mass flow for both phases, and i'm using Pressure outlet as a BC on the outlet, explicit VOF model (geo-reconstruction), k-w sst for turbulence, in a transient run. FOr initial conditions I define a region (the half lower one) and put there water volume fraction = 1 and 0 for the other half. I hope someone could help me with this matter, FLuent manuals say that for VOF it uses Brackbill's formulation by default, perhaps I don't know how to activate it, and that could be the problem, I'd apreciate any help you could give me.

ravi1650 May 17, 2009 18:01


Even I am working on the same topic.
Can you please send me the paper that you mentioned in your post?

duaiduaihu May 18, 2009 20:20

i think it is unnecessary to activate it!
CSF model is activated, when VOF model is selected to deal with the interface!
i think this is the meaning of "default"
i also want to know your ideas!

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