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Prashanth February 26, 2009 18:45

DPM model in parallel batch mode
Hi All

I am having real trouble understanding the concept of running a DPM model in parallel bath mode in FLUENT. I have listed my understanding of the process. Please let me know if I'm doing this right.

1) Open FLUENT GUI, load the case and data file of the fluid phase. 2) Compile the UDF and select the UDF in the GUI panel (a DPM_BC UDF in my case). 3) Set all the other boundary conditions & save it as a case file. This is where I'm lost. Where do I go from here in parallel batch mode? If I'm in interactive mode, I can use the GUI to do Display->Particle Tracks. When I run in parallel batch mode, how do I do it? Do I also have to create an injection file if I'm doing a group injection? Any information would be really helpful.

Mustaha Gourma March 6, 2009 08:50

Re: DPM model in parallel batch mode

One way to run Batch fluent in || is to:

Execute the following steps:

ex: to run fluent on 16 cpus.

1/ Open fluent ||: fluent -t16 3ddp& or 2ddp 2/ Define -> Function-> Compile-> Load libudf 3/ Open you files xxx.cas and xxx.dat (or xxx.cas.gz & xxx.dat.gz) 4/ Load libduf 5/ Define -> Hook Function. 6/ Define -> Model-> Discrete phase -> injection-> Udf set this to 1 -> parallel (Choose either message passing or Shared memory if later set Workpile algo to 16 ) ---------------------------------------------------------- In Batch: your journal file ( ex: xxx.jou) must contain: ---------------------------------------------------------- Define/user-define/compiled-functions load libudf /file/read-case-data/ xxx.cas (or xxx.cas.gz) /file/autosave/case-frequency here put the number of time steps that you want ex: 1000 /file/autosave/data-frequency 1000 /solve/dual-time-iterate here put the nomber of total time steps you want ex: 65000 3 (this is the number of iterations every time step) /file/write-case-data xxx_out.cas.gz exit yes exit ---------------------------------------------------------- You SCRIPT file has to follow this:

##BSUB -n16 #BSUB -N #BSUB -k chkfiles #BSUB -ext"SLURM[nodes=8]" #BSUB -u -your e-mail adress

fluent 3ddp -g -ssh -t16 -pib -i xxx.jou ----------------------------------------------------------- And Create file say Called RUN that contain the line bellow: bsub -o %J.log < SCRIPT ----------------------------------------------------------- To excute all this: Type in ./RUN

Hope that this will hepl.


Mustapha Gourma March 6, 2009 08:54

Re: DPM model in parallel batch mode

You replace in your file #BSUBS with #BSUB

My mistake.

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