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Rich February 28, 2009 15:18

Modeling people in fluent
I am modeling a ballroom with lots of people. The goal is to analysis airflow and temp distribution in the occupiable part of the space (bottom 9ft). Right now i have the people set up as a volume of fluid with an energy source. What is the best way to model the air resistance of the people?

I tried using porous zone but am unable to accurately calculate the vicious resistance or the inertial resistance for a volume of people. Would defining the walls of the "human volume" as porous_jumps be better?

Just looking to see what best practices methods are. Thanks.

Rich February 28, 2009 15:19

Re: Modeling people in fluent *NM*

mange March 1, 2009 09:38

Re: Modeling people in fluent
out of curiosity, how exactly do you setup this problem using VOF? If, you can use VOF for this what will be the point? why not model the people as solids? maybe represented as cylinders or other basic shapes?

Ganapathy March 4, 2009 05:19

Re: Modeling people in fluent
People, sitting as well as standing are readily modeled using AIRPAK which is a sister product of FLUENT. You could try and get a case file from an Airpak user and take the people present there. People are modeled as a Porus in Airpak. So your basic approach is correct.

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