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Jane March 1, 2009 22:52

Capillary flow??
i'm work on the 2D simulation of capillary flow on 2 flat glasses and i doubt the results that i got.

i use water and the gap size of the glasses is 0.6mm, surface tension 0.0728 and contact angle 0 deg. unsteady VOF explicit with courant number 0.25 was applied in the simulation.

at the inlet boundary, 1atm pressure applied and the outlet pressure less than 1 atm (calculated from formula).

the flow contour that i got was a CONVEX meniscus. but theoretically the meniscus of water and glass should be CONCAVE meniscus.

and the flow time that show in simulation is very short and it took 3e-4 seconds to flow to 30mm distance.

anyone please give me suggestions... thanks

Regards, Jane

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