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Michael Rasche March 2, 2009 21:35

Running Existing Code: Commands Grayed Out
I have some Fluent simulations that I'd like to modify. I've been given (via email by a former student) the .cas and .dat files for the simulations as well as some .c files which are UDFs that specify a dynamic mesh and micromixing/crystal size distribution within the cells. At this point, I'm just trying to run the simulation. The code was originally written for Fluent 6.1.22 and the mesh created in Gambit 2.2. I'm using Fluent 6.3.24 and Gambit 2.4. If I read the .cas file, I get a few errors, but I also have a lot of grayed out (unselectable) options like solve->iterate, solve->initialize as well as the define->boundary conditions, write->case, etc. Options like display->grid, etc. work fine. I've followed the tutorials, and I am able to compile the UDFs which removes the "library does not exist" error, but does not solve the problem of grayed-out commands, so I'm not really able to initialize the problem (or check to see what's going on with the boundary conditions). There's only one remaining error upon reading the .cas file; i.e. "Error: Arg(3rd) out of range in substring. Error object 5." I haven't determined what this means yet.

I'm looking for a reason that solve->initialize and define->boundary conditions would be unavailable or what "Error : Arg(3rd) out of range in substring" means. Thanks. Can you explain why some options are unselectable and give me some direction for running this simulation? Thanks, Michael Rasche

Richard Parker July 25, 2012 07:11

Hi Michael,

Did you figure it out, finally?

I've encountered the same problem, but using the same version of fluent and gambit i used to create the .cas file.

Not a big problem to me, as I can re-do the case quickly. But I feel curious about it, nonetheless.

Did you manage to solve it?


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