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JP March 3, 2009 14:15

How to use orientation angle in profile
Dear All,

/Fluent6.2Manual/html/ug/node398.htm it says I can use a profile for a rigid-body motion of a dynamic zone.

How do I define my orientation angles? Is there a keyword I need to put in the profile?

Like: (theta_x 0 30 60 80)

Is "theta_x" an acceptable label? Any ideas welcome.

JP March 6, 2009 10:05

Re: How to use orientation angle in profile
When reading \Fluent6.2Manual\html\ug\node398.htm entitled "Solid Body Kinematics" there are a few examples of profiles. From those, it should be deduced that in a profile, acceptable labels are:

time: time position: x y z linear velocity: v_x v_y v_z angular velocity of centre of mass: omega_x omega_y omega_z orientation angles (Euler angles) of the moving body: theta_x theta_y theta_z

Position and velocities labels seem to work. I am still to test the orientation labels.

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