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Chase Estrin March 10, 2009 12:57

Fluent simulation problem & Gambit "database"error

I am running simulations involving a symmetric airplane geometry (only running sim. on half of the plane due to symmetry). I get through about 1500 simulations and look at the results and, on the plane, the only results that appear are near the edges. I am thinking maybe it is a problem with the volume being water tight.


I haven't tried to load my model for a few months now and got this error when trying to open it:

"Error: Unable to read format of database (version 2.4.4). The current format is version 2.3.14."

If anyone can help with either of my issues I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

- Chase

Mandar March 10, 2009 13:26

Re: Fluent simulation problem & Gambit "database"e
for gambit problem you can try to import the mesh from fluent that means import *.cas file in gambit

Jason March 12, 2009 10:48

Re: Fluent simulation problem & Gambit "database"e
Gambit: Sounds like there might be a problem with your Gambit release. Sounds like you made the geometry in a newer version than you currently have... Not sure the fix. Check your with your IT guys on the Gambit version (current release is 2.4.6 from 2007)

Fluent: Sounds like a problem with your setup, need to give us more information. It shouldn't be a water tight problem, or you wouldn't have a volume mesh. Sounds like a boundary condition problem to me.


EZHILMARAN February 21, 2013 05:01

gambit .dbs file read error
i m also having the problem of reading gambit(2.3.14) file in gambit 2.2.14 version . i dont have 2.3.14 version so kindly help me

EZHILMARAN February 21, 2013 05:15

gambit .dbs file read error
help me to read new version of gambit(i.e 2.3.14) into old(2.2.14)

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