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Shamoon March 10, 2009 13:12

AMG solver _divergence detected
Hi guys

I am simulating a problem with 0.3 M mesh size and density based solver with k epsilon model. When I ran 50 iterations the solution diverged displaying the message

Divergence detected AMG solver -temperature. Can anybody tell me what to do?


Ash March 10, 2009 13:24

Re: AMG solver _divergence detected
hey i have suffered from this problem several times if there is some problem in grid,may be you can try to run laminar problem with present grid first, reply if you solve the problem

Shamoon March 10, 2009 14:00

Re: AMG solver _divergence detected
We cant try to run on laminar because we have to use the turbulence model from the beginning. Its an assignment and we have ad edline on Friday

Laci March 10, 2009 16:30

Re: AMG solver _divergence detected
Stop the calculation at the ~40th step, nad 'Adopt' the grid. Sometimes it helps. Let us know, if it works please.

Shamoon March 10, 2009 18:39

Re: AMG solver _divergence detected
adapt the grid? but with respect to which gradient?

Mandar March 11, 2009 01:18

Re: AMG solver _divergence detected
what i wanted to you was that "c whether grid is fine if it isnt, right laminar model will also fail and you can look into geometry part of it instead of focussing on turbulence model "

Laci March 11, 2009 08:59

Re: AMG solver _divergence detected
First, I would try with temperature, than velocity.

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