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Jules March 10, 2009 13:18

Zero Heat flux at wall
Dear Friends,

Maybe you can help me. I have a 3d mesh with the outside walls being adiabatic and the inside walls not so. When I solve the integral for the total heat flux at the walls using rakes, I get zero for all of the walls.

I checked the properties of the walls, and only the outside walls are adiabatic.

Using FlUENT 6.2 Please reply if you can help; thanks. Jules

Ben March 11, 2009 07:52

Re: Zero Heat flux at wall
While defining the boundary conditions you need to go for two different walls, one for inner one and second for outer one. Assign heat flux to the outer wall as zero, where as for the inner one make it as defalut. After making these changes run the simulation and u will find different wall flux for the inner one.

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