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Prashanth March 11, 2009 21:15

DPM with UDF - Step-by-Step Procedure????
Hi all

I am using the DPM model in FLUENT with a UDF to act as a Boundary Condition on one of my walls. My study is for particle deposition on the wall. I checked my UDF with many people and the feedback I got was that it looks right for my BC. My problem is that I'm not sure how exactly to run the DPM model. I'm doing WITHOUT Interaction with continuous phase.My current procedure is like this:

Read case -> Use GUI to set No. of UDM locations -> Compile the UDF -> Initialize the solution from the inflow -> Perform 1/2 iterations -> Execute On_Demand UDF if any -> Read in the data file -> Uncheck the flow equations (energy, momentum, etc.) in the Solve-Controls-Solution panel (so flow solution does not change) -> Set up DPM model with Interaction with continuous phase on -> Display Particle Tracks.

This does not work for some reason. Please let me know the exact procedure for running a DPM with UDF.



Allan Walsh March 12, 2009 13:24

Re: DPM with UDF - Step-by-Step Procedure????
At first glance, I don't see the step for setting the DPM boundary condition for the wall of interest. Instead of reflect, trap, etc., you can set it to your UDF for the boundary.

shankara.2 April 3, 2009 16:38

That was a mistake on my part. I failed to mention the setting of BC step. Here is the actual procedure I'm following now. Please let me know if I'm doing this right for DPM method WITHOUT interaction with continuous phase.

Read case & data file (partially converged solution) -> Use GUI to set No. of UDM locations -> Perform 1 iteration so UDM gets initialized -> Compile the UDF -> Execute_On_Demand UDF -> Choose wall BC as the UDF -> Initialize the solution from the inflow -> Iterate until solution converges -> Display Particle Tracks.

Is this how the procedure works?


Allan Walsh April 3, 2009 17:45

Well, I supose it could work that way, depending on what you are trying to do. I'm not really sure what you are modeling but you seem to have more than one question.
You can turn the interaction of particle phase with condensed phase off or on through the regular DPM model panel.
Unless I'm missing something, I would just to this.
1. Solve the condensed phase flow parameters
2. Set the BC of the wall of interest to use your custom wall UDF (of course, you will have already compiled your UDF)
3. Solve the particle tracks to get the information on particle deposition via the UDF.

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