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Sean March 12, 2009 17:40

DPM- brownian diffusion
fluent can not simulate brownian diffusion for particle tracking in DPM mode, what should I do if I want to fix it ?

long zhengwei March 13, 2009 05:33

Re: DPM- brownian diffusion
fluent can do this. But you must set the Energy mode on. That is "Define--> Energy". The Brownian needs the gas temperature.

Sean March 13, 2009 10:46

Re: DPM- brownian diffusion
I did it, but the results are not good, it seems fluent can not consider it properly for some reasons!

HenrikS March 16, 2009 08:57

I think this might be a time step size problem..? There is no comment in the manual about the time step size to be used in simulations with Brownian motion w/ DPM, but if you check out some of the references for this approach it seems this has to be taken into account (as is in fact acknowledged in Fluent's online technical support solution case 978).

The time step size should be considerably larger than the time scale on which individual collisions occur (which is generally not a limitation), but also considerably smaller than the particle relaxation (response) time (which may very well be a limitation, as the particles for which Brownian motion is important are generally small and have low particle relaxation times).

I suggest you try adjusting the time step size (or the Step Length Factor, if you're doing steady simulations) accordingly and see if the results get better?

Hope this helps!


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