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Amir Khodabandeh March 12, 2009 18:15

UDF problem in multiphase model
Dear all I am working on modeling a solar still in which water enters from below then evaporate and condense at the top. I have some problem with udf,which is needed to model condensation at top. I use the one in the help which name is liq-gas in multiphase MACRO example-udf section do you have any idea for a udf or I can use something else? thanks

Amir Khodabandeh March 13, 2009 09:43

Re: UDF problem in multiphase model
I want to write a udf that I can model phase change for example something like this if T>T_SAT then phase1 change to phase 2 else phase 2 change to phase one I think I should write it sooner any ideas?

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