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Tyler March 13, 2009 15:47

Compressible Flow Simulation - business jet
I am trying to do a compressible flow simulation for a business jet traveling at Mach 0.8. Let me try to describe the geometry and conditions as best as possible:

I am modeling only half of the aircraft, and assuming symmetry.

The mesh is relatively good, with only a few elements with a high skew value.

The flowfield boundaries are set as pressure far-field boundaries.

I have been using the pressure-based solver, air density specified by ideal gas.

The intake and outlet of the engine nacelle are treated as boundaries of the flowfield domain, ie, the flow leaves the domain at the engine intake and enters the domain at the outlet. I am trying to model the effect of the engine by setting the intake and outlet boundaries as pressure boundaries. The engine intake is a pressure outlet with a slightly higher pressure than the freestream. The engine outlet is a pressure inlet with a pressure equal to the freestream. I am mostly concerned with the engine intake effects.

I have been trying to start the simulation at only M0.3, but have not been able to get the continuity residual to converge. Any suggestions?

I can run an incompressible solution with the geometry just fine, so the problem lies with the compressibility. I am thinking the problem either lies with the mesh not being fine enough at certain critical areas or the pressure outlet condition at the engine intake. However, since the solution doesn't converge even at M0.3, there should not be any shocks occuring, which leads me to think it is not the mesh causing the problems.

Any help/suggestions are greatly appreciated!


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