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kp March 13, 2009 17:03

TKE for steady simulation

When running a steady simulation , how FLUENT computes the TKE ? as it needs the values of the velocities fluctuations ; Does this TKE from Fluent is trustable ?. Is there a way to get the velocities fluctuations and to compute myself the TKE (and compare with values from FLUENT) .

Thanks for any help

Shamoon March 14, 2009 05:21

Re: TKE for steady simulation
I think in steady case Fluent calculates TKE based on the sum of squares of the average velocities in the domain.

pkleb March 16, 2009 04:53

TKE in Steady simulation

the turbulence kinetic energy is characterised by measured RMS velocity fluctuations(u') as :
TKE = 0.5 ( <u>2 + <v>2 + <w>2 )

What you wrote is that in steady simulation FLUENT is using the mean velocity instead of the velocity fluctuations (u'...)


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