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Gajanan Kale March 14, 2009 17:27

water jet simulation
How to simulate the following problem? water at higher velocity impinges through the slot nozzle on the flat plate. it it single phase or two phase problem? since water impinges through the air domain.

Please anyone can suggest the simulation methodology.

Ralf Schmidt April 28, 2009 16:30


i am pretty sure, that is a two phase problem. The air will interact with the surface of the water jet, there might even be entrainment.

But unfortunately, i don't know so much about two phase simulations....

Hossam May 1, 2009 10:59

Hi, it is indeed a two phase simulation. the VOF model may give you very good visualization of the jet since it is the only model that tracks the interphase between the two phases. it is also the simplest multiphase model in Fluent in terms of computational expenses.

kimiaghalam July 14, 2009 16:21

hydraulic jump
my problem is when water jet strikes the flat plane it does not flow on the plate so i cant calculate the jump !!

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