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KZh March 17, 2009 06:06

ERROR. No rendering surfaces have been set
Hi everyone!
I'm new in Fluent and modeling a coal combuster.
I made mesh volume in Gambit (boundary conditions e.t.c.) and then used the mesh in Fluent.
I did all step by step by tutorial. and i iterate the process sucsessfully.
but then i want to DISPLAY a CONTOURS I take the
ERROR: render-generic: No rendering surfaces have been set.

Question: that I did incorrectly. May by i forgot something at GAMBIT-modeling's time?
P.S.: I'm sorry for my english

-mAx- March 17, 2009 07:10

you have to choose an entity (surface) for plotting a contour (except for 2d cases)

KZh March 17, 2009 08:14

if I choose one surface I will see the contours on this plane, is it so?
But I want to take the volume picture.
Can I have the problem from I used triangular mesh with small interval when I build model in GAMBIT? And GAMBIT warning my that the model have many skewnesses.
or may by my video memory can't process it?

-mAx- March 17, 2009 10:17

*you can display the outer surfaces of your combuster to display quantities (for instance pressure), then you will see the volume. Or you can create a plane (for instance with sweep surface), to diplay quantities on this plane. Add to it, you can overlay the mesh (or geometry) of the combuster by enabling the "display Mesh" toggle on your left
*skewness cells will give you problem during the calculations (if they start...) I generate tetra mesh with skewness<0.9

T81 March 17, 2009 10:31

If it's a 3D model, you can create your own surfaces:

  1. Surfaces-->Iso-Surface...
  2. Select Grid from Surface of Constant (first menu)
  3. Select X-Coordinate or Y-Coordinate or Z-Coordinate according your needs (second menu)
  4. Click Compute to display the Min - Max values
  5. Type the value you want in the Iso-Value field
  6. Name the surface
  7. Click Create
You can find the new surface e.g at the contours menu and display your results.

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