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sri31049 March 18, 2009 04:03

Please explain this commands.
hai every body

I am writing UDF's for my problem. Recently i found one UDF, in that they used these commands. I tried to get the explanation for that commands in user manual but failed.

Anybody can please explain the working of that commands. I feel very greatfull for this help. Thank you so much :).


CX_Cell_Id c
Surface surf=SurfaceList[id]


paka March 20, 2009 02:54

Google? Try to type separate commands.

sri31049 March 20, 2009 04:38

hai paka

thak you for kind reply
i treid in google also but i did not get the information.

i am trying to write the UDF for time averaged Reynolds stresses in K-epsilon turdulence modelling.
any help plz

paka March 20, 2009 05:38

shoots.... I don't remember where, but long time ago I have found UDF reference manual somewhere on the web, where I could find most of the things explained there. Cannot find it now, though. Sorry.

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