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sanbhat March 18, 2009 06:43

Volume fraction calculation- multiphase
I wish to check results for a turbulent flow in a pipe with gas/water phases, with velocity inlet/mass flow inlet bc's.

First of all, is it possible to use mass flow inlet bc for eulerian model?

and, how does the calculation go for getting equivalent mass flow rates for each phase if you know the velocity of each phase and the VF?

I understand that, VF is the ratio of gas flow rate to the total flow rate.( Can I assume it to be area fraction ? If so, kindly answer me keeping 2-d axisymmetric case, inlet section in mind)
From the above said input values,
you can get area for gas as,
A_g = A_p/(1/VF + Vl/Vg - 1) A_p= pipe area, A_g= gas area

From this you calculate mass flow rate equal to V_g A_g rho_g.

Does this make sense or is there any easier path than what I say here?


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