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yochule March 18, 2009 10:19

wrong seting the problem? rotor/stator interface
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im seting a moving reference frame problem which involve a rotor and stator stage.
i created three volumes. 1- pre-rotor; 2-rotor itself; 3-stator

i set up the gird interface (with non equal areas) as interfaces, between the pre-rotor and rotor (interface1) and between the rotor and stator (interface2).

the areas in both sides of the domain as rotational periodic (previously linked before the mesh generation in Gmbit).

the velocity formulation in the solver model is absolute.

i set up the fluid volume around the rotor blade as moving reference frame. i introduce the axis and rpm value. the others volume (pre-rotor and stator) are stationary.
the rotor blade and the rotor hub, was set up as moving wall (rotating through the same axis and rpm) with absolute motion. all the others wall was set up as stationary wall.

the solution initialization is compute from the inlet area (mass flow inlet), with absolute reference frame.
the iteration is a time step unsteady formulation. the time step is calculated to represent 1.5-2 of rotation with choose rpm.

when the Cm coefficient is stabilized, i think that is a final condition. so i see this pathlines (colored by velocity).
the problem is that i can see a break in the lines... i think that its means that are volumes in differents reference velocitis (absolute and relative) in the same image.
how can i set up the fluent post processing to let me see the pathlines with no abrupt change of directions?
(i hope my english can be understood)

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