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shamrocky2k March 18, 2009 13:02

Meteor Impact on atmosphere help!!!

So I have a problem with a project I am doing

A Meteor travelling at 20000m/s at 45deg AoA model this

So i've been doing this for the past 6 months, starting from learning fluent and gambit to trying to get it to work.

So far I managed to get it to travel at Mach 30 for about 3000 iterations at 0.1 courant number

When I up the speed to Mach 72.25 which is the speed required the solution diverges quickly at under 900 iterations and doesnt produce contours which i require.

This is at an altitude of 7km

Conditions used are:

Fluent 6.3 2ddp
Materials - Air set as ideal gas
Cp = 3157 (this was the advice of my tutor saying imagine gamma = 1.1)
Operating conditions set to zero
Boundary Conditions - Pressure Far Field (Atmosphere)
Gauge Pressure = 41105 Pa
Mach Number 72.25
Temp = 242.7K
X Flow Direction 0.707106
Y Flow Direction 0.707106

Solution Controls
Flow 2nd Order Upwind
Courant Number 0.1
Flux Type - Roe-FDS

and then I tried to iterate for 3000 but this diverged at 898 and crashed the program :mad:

If anyone has any advice please let me know, I really have no idea what else to do!



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