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Souviktor March 20, 2009 08:53

Ferrofluid flow modelling in fluent
Hi all,
I am currently trying to model ferrofluid flow(laminar) and heat transfer in fluent 6.
I came to know that there is a MHD module in fluent which deals with Magnetorheological fluids (which conducts).But after some study I found out that my present work can be categorized as Ferrohydrodynamics(FHD) which is non conducting.
So I am wondering if this MHD module is capable of handling my configuration?

Also I am not sure about how to incorporate the kelvin body force term in the momentum equation..I mean I have the governing equations with kelvin body force...but I dont know how to incorporate them in fluent...may be with a UDF?

I have no exposure with UDF at the moment.Someone please help me out...
Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated...

Thanks and cheers to all.......

mohsen1162 January 10, 2016 05:21

hi Souviktor
I want to know, can u solve FHD equation with fluent? can u help me to use kelvin force in fluent . thanks. my email is "". thanks alot

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