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girino March 20, 2009 09:38

Eulerian Multiphases immiscible fluid
Hi all,
in my problem I have 3 different phases (air,freshwater and seawater), I wanna study the interaction between fresh and sea water by I have also the air. I chose the Eulerian mixture model. I want that air CAN'T mix with seawater and freshwater. I tried hard but I can't solve it. Can anyone help me? Thanks


satheeskannan March 23, 2009 03:52

how sea water and fresh water can be two separate phase..!!!!!
I think, these should be considered as single phase having two different components(saline water & fresh water).
Are you trying to simulate bubble column..?
Could you give some more information about the problem.

girino March 23, 2009 07:12

I have a pool filled by seawater (at 0 seconds the velocity of this volume is 0). And there is also a channel (his lenght is 1 m) that put the flow of the fluid (in my case fresh water) into the pool. There is a moment (about after 1 second) where the two fluids have the contact and after that they start to mix each other. But above the sea water and the fresh water there is air (primary phase) and I wouldn't the interactions air-seawater and air-freshwater. The seawater and the freshwater have two different densities (1010 and 1000 kg/mc). I have to use the water because I need atmosferic pressure above the two fluids and because the whole domain must be filled. Any suggestions?

Thanks for your reply

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