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Franciswu21 March 20, 2009 13:29

Vortex Shedding & Cd on Cylinder
Hello Gents,

I am working on a 2D model to simulate a the vortex shedding on a cylinder placed in a low speed wind tunnel. I also downloaded a tutorial from FLUENT website, but that Re = 150, whilest mine is Re = 100,000.

The parameters in my test case are: D = 1m, rho = 100,000kg/m3, U = 1 m/s, mu = 1, transient calculation, and aim to get the DRAG COEFFICIENT. I have tried laminar, and k-epsilon model with all 4 available turbulence specification methods in FLUENT (K and epsilon, intensity and length scale, intensity and viscosity ratio, intensity and hydraulic diameter). All gave me quite different results. Some of them just indicate the flow is still attach behind the cylinder.

Could you please suggest me how to set the proper values and get a result that is closed to the empirical Cd = 1.1?

Thank you very much,


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