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Conan March 23, 2009 09:00

☆Variable at Solid-Fluid Coupled faces
For solid-fluid coupling problem. there are two faces generated by Fluent: say, WALL and WALL-Shadow. Now, I wanna know which face does refer to fluid? WALL-Shadow?

And, the absolute value of heat-flux through these two should be the same? But I found a very small difference, NOT extractly identical. Why?

Other Variable should be identical?

Ralf Schmidt April 28, 2009 16:41


for me, it seems to be, that fluent sets WALL and
WALL-Shadow more or less random to the fluid and the solid.

I am sure, there is a system, but I don't get it.

I see, that there is no heat flow on the surface related to the solid. Also, the yplus value is zero at that face.

Best wishes

tengra April 28, 2009 16:52

Under boundary condition, click any of those 2 walls to define boundary conditions, and you will see it will tell you on the new pop up panel which zone (solid or fluid) it belongs to.

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