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ashishpande March 27, 2009 15:52

equilibrium constant in fluent

I'm trying to run a simple equilibrium liquid phase volumetric reaction in fluent. I've the equilibrium constant for this reaction and not the forward/backward rates. However, the equilibrium constant definition in the manual (User's manual 14.1.1) seems to be wrong (type??) and applicable only to gas phase species, ie. there is no way to incorporate the dependence on reactants and products concentration (not atm. pressure).

Even if I manipulate the forward rate constant for this reaction, the backward rate constant calculation will be wrong because I can't input the equilibrium constant correctly into Fluent.

Can anybody help me out?

lomba May 30, 2014 05:43

Hi @ashishpande

do you found a solution for your probleme. I have the same for my simulation and i don't know how to resolve it ?

Thank you for your answer

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