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rockewan March 27, 2009 18:30

Polyhedra and sliding mesh?
I am doing some simulation in mixing tank using FLUENT. Because the impeller is a close clearance impeller, it has very small gap between the impeller and the tank wall. The impeller blades are quite thin too. All these create a lot of trouble for grid generation. Usually, there would be a couple of grids have a skewness of higher than 0.9 (less than 0.95, though), and a dozen of grids higher than 0.85. Using smaller mesh size doesn't really help reducing the skewness. If I run sliding mesh method on this mesh, usually there would be some convergence problem sooner or later, probably due to the left-handed faces created during the movement of the rotating zone. I tried converting the whole domain to polyhedra mesh. It would run fine and much faster because of much less grids. However, I found that the velocity profile is not physically reasonable on the interface between the rotating zone and the stationary zone. So I was wandering whether I could use polyhedra with sliding mesh, is there any compatability problem? It is also welcome if anyone know how to reduce the skewness effectively without using too much grids. I am already getting about 2 million grids at the moment.

P.S.: I checked the FLUENT user's guide on the polyhedra limitations. It does not say anything on sliding mesh or MRF. FLUENT model compatibility chart didn't say anything about polyhedra mesh either.

panda March 28, 2009 19:10

Currently, polyhedral mesh cannot be used in any moving or sliding mesh model

Freeman March 29, 2009 11:31

I agree with panda, Fluent user guide is clear at this point: for now, no capability for sliding mesh with polyhedra mesh :o...



Monker1980 July 3, 2009 04:36

Could either of you point me to where in the user guide it says that the polyhedral approach can't be used with sliding meshes? I can only find reference to deforming/dynamic meshes, not sliding meshes.

sheikh nasir February 21, 2012 07:00

sliding mesh , plz help
i am not able to apply sliding mesh in train moving in tunnel. can any body help me.
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