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drdr18 April 2, 2009 18:32

Polyhedral in parallel
Hi , everybody.

I have seeking information about polyhedral meshes. But I was not find it. Could tell me someone if it is possible generate polyhedral meshes in parallel??? Or what is the best way to generate a big model in polyhedral mesh??

Thank you

panda April 2, 2009 19:22

I think you must generate a tetrahedra mesh first then convert it into a polyhedra mesh, and if the mesh size is very large you may need a large memory size to handle the conversion.

drdr18 April 2, 2009 20:54

Polyhedral Mesh
Yes, I know all the process for generating the polyhedral mesh. What I want to know is the process to generate amodel in a parallel way, if it is possible!!!! So , if I have a large model how I can convert it to polyhedral in parallel.

panda April 2, 2009 22:58

I don't think Gambit can generate a mesh in a parallel way, but you can try to see if your conversion can be done in Fluent's parallel mode.

drdr18 April 2, 2009 23:31

Polyhedral mesh
I did the tetrahedral mesh in tgrid, after i export the mesh to fluent 6.3.33, and I tried to convert it in a polyhedrical mesh. all above i tried to do it in a parallel way but it does not work, it fails. So in a only processor fluent cannot do it because the memory is out. that is the reason why i'm asking about the converting to polyhedrical mesh in parallel.

Allan Walsh April 3, 2009 17:56

This may not help you, but the Fluent 6.3 polyhedral converter seems to have issues. The one in Fluent 12 beta works better, and was able to convert a mesh that 6.3 couldn't on the same machine.
At least in Win-dos, there are some standalone utilities for working with or converting to polyhedral meshes. Perhaps, your friendly Ansys rep. could help you with those.

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