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1337Hal April 6, 2009 21:19

Skipping Zones
Hi all,

I have created a 3d cement kiln model, which is essentially a long cylinder with a fluid running along the bottom while the cylinder rotates about its own axis.

I created a few zones before meshing, which were things like 'exhaust out of kiln' and 'air intake', 'coal burner inlet', etc. When I read the case in FLUENT, I get the following along with all the other info:

Skipping zone coal_burner_inlet (not referenced by grid).
Skipping zone primary_air_inlet (not referenced by grid).
Skipping zone exhaust_out_of_kiln (not referenced by grid).
Skipping zone cooler_air_inlet (not referenced by grid).

Can someone please tell me why these zones are being 'skipped', and how to remedy this? I have meshed the faces of the zones, such as the air inlet face, but it is still saying that those zones are not referenced by grid.

If someone could please help me with this I would be immensely appreciative.


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