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L3munoz April 8, 2009 08:26

Open more than one file in FLUENT.

I'm working with FLUENT and i had a question...Previously i had to work with Gambit to prepare the mesh for FLUENT and since it was so big and with different volumes i decided to split it in different files being each one a part of the total volume.

The point is that later it seems to be possible to import or open the .msh files, i mean, all of them, in FLUENT to carry out the simulation, but i cannot...Do you know how to open more than one file in FLUENT???

Thanks in advance...


-mAx- April 8, 2009 08:58

2 solutions:

*in a shell use tmerge (it will merge several meshes in one final mesh):
>utility tmerge -3d

*in fluent: you can import a *.cas file
Mesh/Zone/append Case File


L3munoz April 8, 2009 12:17

Hi -mAX-, thanks for answering, but...

first, it's the first time i listen about using tmerge and so on. So would u mind to explain this about the shell and merging the meshes...?

Second, what i want to do is to open different .msh files, not it doesnt work by using mesh/zone...


-mAx- April 8, 2009 13:29

- in windows, open a command window (MS-DOS) and type utility tmerge -3d
it will ask you the first mesh to merge
then some details about translation, rotation
then the second mesh
then the third etc....
once you have entered all the meshes you want to merge, you have to return (keyboard) as it ask you the next mesh to merge
Finally it will ask you the name of the mesh for the output mesh

To your second point, you can open the mesh in fluent, write the case file and that's it. Instead of working with .msh you work with .cas

L3munoz April 14, 2009 05:39

Hi -mAX-!

I'm a complete stupid! u were right from the beginning and i didnt realize cause i didnt understand it, but yes! it's very easy by the way u said with grid/zone/append case...

Maybe because it was grid and not mesh that i was confused...

Anyway, thanks a lot, problem solved!

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