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Katarina April 8, 2009 09:48

SPH particle vs. real fragment size

I am modelling high velocity impacts and the ejected fragments in SPH. In my model, the fragments I am interested in are each represented with a single SPH particle.

So, I can read that particle density, volume, cell mass. But, when I multiply volume and density I don't get the cell mass. I am aware of the kernel function, so maybe due to interpolation these numbers don't match? I have no insight in the details of SPH implementations in Autodyn, so I can't know how it's doing the calculations.

Also, what does Autodyn consider to be the characteristic length of SPH particle?

The bottom line is, I am in doubt now which parameters to consider as "real" and assign them as the measured real size of the ejected fragments.

Can anyone please help in clarifying this?
Thank you.

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