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nat April 9, 2009 06:04

Boundary layer thickness calculation

I am trying to get the boundary layer thickness over a flat plate with an elliptical leading edge (2d). The flat plate is 2m long, 0.2m thick. It is located freestream with the limit of the doamin 40m away of the plate in all directions.The speed is 47m/s, I used the k-epsilon with the enhanced wall treatment as I have a y+<5. I used the pressure farfield boundary conditions. To get the boundary layer thickness I went through the following steps:

- draw lines perpendicular to the surface (profile).
- export total pressure profile along the lines.
- in excel I extract the boundary layer thickness using 99% of the total pressure for each profile.

I obtain a boundary layer thickness which is totally. However my Fluent simulation looks right: convergence, y+, pressure distribution, etc.

Has somebody an idea of what is going wrong with my simulation? Does somebody know a more straightforward method to get the boundary layer characteristics from Fluent?

Thanks by advace!

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