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nadeemxs April 9, 2009 12:21

Having trouble with the modelling of Fluid flow during laser welding!
Hello "Scientists"!

I'm trying to simulate the fluid flow in the molten pool during laser welding using Fluent (i am only a beginner) and i need some help with the following problems:

- Laser Heat source: does any one have a UDF that describes Gaussian laser heat surface source? or if not, can anyone help me with that?
- if we want to model Pulse Laser heat source, what do we do?
- Do we use the steady or unsteady model?
- do we include the energy and the flow in the calculations directly or we do the energy first as an initial condition?
- Using the VOF model requires the presence of 2 identified phases but when we are using the melting/solidification model we then only have the liquid-solid metal material defined according to the temperature, therefore how can we use the VOF model with this problem? and if so, how can we simulate the surface deformation?

I'd appreciate it if anyone answers some of my questions!~

Thank you all!


Shamoon Jamshed January 17, 2015 14:34

Liquid metal flow in Fluent

I am also stuck in the same problem. Just doing some fun uptil now but want to know if you had some success. As your post is quite old. I will then let you know what I have done till now. I have no success so far.

Kingjava August 4, 2017 10:01

Have you solved the case yet? Could you please share the method of setting VOF with us?

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