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weechristo April 9, 2009 14:48

Open tank problem
Hey guys,

I am trying to set up a model using the Mixture model, to simulate a light liquid flowing into the bottom of a tank full of oil. I can simulate the problem fine with a simple pressure outlet at the top and completely full of oil, but I also need to be able to study the flow of this fluid at the free surface, like an open top tank.

Does anybody have any ideas how this could be achieved, I have tried patching air into the top of the fluid, but it seems to diverge.

I have also tried with two fluid zones one on top of the other, with the top one being air. This seems to have managed to work, but im unsure if the relationship between a fluid zone and an air zone is reliable and accurate, or if it produces a free surface.

Oh and the problem is 2D,

Please get back to me as this is for my final year project.


zhaopeng April 10, 2009 13:40

the first method is feasible,make sure inlet settings are right,initialize the domain with zero velocity and start interation with a short time step size.

Remember check the phase distribution after patch.

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