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LSF April 12, 2009 08:45

Fluid dispersion into a free stream - Advice needed please

Posted this else where too but have just realised it was the wrong here goes again....:)

I've used this forum a lot for different projects in the past and have always found it to be very helpful in the past without ever even having to post, so thanks to everyone on here!

I have an issue that I was wondering if you could help me out with....

I am trying to analyse fluid dispersion from a tube into a free stream of air.

I have set up a control volume with the tube in it...In Fluent I then selected the VOF (volume of fluid) option, unsteady state problem, two phases - air and water, with k-epsilon model and to solve explicitly.

Plotting a filled contour plot of the system before I began iterating suggests both fluids are in the correct position etc.

I've set the time step as 1E-8 based on the cell volume to velocity ratio etc.

The problem however is no matter what I try the solution only ever diverges and the liquid flow doesn’t leave the tube into the air flow.....

Am I using the correct methods? Should I try solving it implicitly? If so how would i do this?

I'm really sorry for the long post, if you're still reading, thank you. I am at a total loss here.

Any advice would be very much appreciated. Or even better if someone could look at it for me, that would be the most amazing thing ever!


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