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vidyaraja April 15, 2009 11:38

Modeling Multiphase Flows
I am trying to simulate the flow of slurry through a vibrating screen. The screen moves along an elliptical path and has both horizontal and vertical components of motion (thus the eliiptical path is traced). However I am unable to get the udf to move the screen the way it is upposed to and I see that the screen is moving in the wrong direction. I tried several methods to fix this and re-worked the equations describing the motion but none wroked.

I am now thinking if just keeping the screen stationary and imparting a source term to the fluid itself will work for simulating the flow of slurry through the screen. Can Fluent model and handle such a situation? If so, can someone give me some more insights on how this can be done? My idea is that a udf could be writted with a source term added to the momentum equation to tell Fluent that the slurry flows due to the combined effects of gravity and screen motion.

I'd welcome any suggestions/inputs.


Vidya Raja

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