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TfG April 20, 2009 09:03

Meshing tank with two opposite inlet/outlet with cooper
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Hi everybody,

I am trying to mesh a 3D tank with two opposite inlet and outlets whose axis are not in the same plane. I first mesh the two inlet and outlet (two volumes), then I divide the tank with a brick type split and then try to mesh that brick (see figures), but I get this error message:

ERROR: Splitting of existing meshes on a source face (face x) is not implemented yet.

Face x is one of the side faces (connected to the inlet/outlet)

I try to mesh with cooper element type, but it is not possible. Any advice as to how to do it? I think that the problem arises because the two wource faces (one of them is face x) are meshed. But this should be like this (at least the part of the inlet/outlet should be meshed), so I do not know how to solve this.

Thanks in advance

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