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vishwa April 20, 2009 11:54

exporting data during a transient simulation
i am running a LES simulation on a 3d model and I want to save data on just one plane like every 25 timesteps.

how do i accomplish this.

This is whatt i think should be done

and i ahve defined a name for the command and the interval as 25 and picked time-steps and in the command field, i must enter file/export/tecplot.....

If what I am thinking is correct, where do i put this line in my batch is the batch file that I am using


rc /home/vishwa/vishwa/LES/Version8/LES_RE1003_MESH_INLET_MODIFIED.cas

rd /home/vishwa/vishwa/LES/Version8/LES_RE1003_MESH_INLET_MODIFIED.dat
/file/auto-save/data-frequency 200
/solve/set/data-sampling yes 25 no no
/solve/set/time-step 0.00002
/solve/set/reporting-interval 2
/solve/dual-time-iterate 20000 50

wcd /home/vishwa/vishwa/LES/Version8/LES_RE1003_MESH_INLET_MODIFIED.cas


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