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debashis April 21, 2009 15:36

Convection & conduction simulation problem
Hi all,
I am trying to simulate a very basic model, involving a solid heater over a solid block and a fluid flowing over the heater. I want to simulate the heat dissipation as conduction through the lower solid block and that as convection and conduction through the above fluid. I tried to solve it in 2D with only the fluid present and the heater & I am getting results, but when i am doing the 3D analysis, i am getting only the conduction results (straight heat distribution).... not the convection one, i.e. heat distribution (the heat flow bend) along flow direction..
Has anybody got similar problems before? Please let me know if u had so... Your help is highly appreciated... plz let me know if there are any specific settings for it.....
Thanks in advance.

ilyas June 26, 2009 03:45

Hi debashis
i am working on the same problem in 2-d as you mention you get result in 2d.i will be glad if you help you get the results. basically i am using fluent and the result of convection looks wrong. as in my simualtion heat transfers from solid to liquid and never transfers from liquid to solid.i look forward for you assistance. thanks in anticipation.

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