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shankara.2 April 21, 2009 15:55

Conjugate heat transfer and radiation modeling questions
Hi all

I am trying to model particulate deposition on a small cylindrical coupon placed at the center of a large cylinder. I am interested in the conjugate heat transfer happening in this case. My fluid is air and the solid coupon is of Inconel. When meshing in gambit, I created 2 domains, solid and fluid. After this, I just meshed the two volumes. Is this enough or do I have to create an interface at the walls between solid and fluid domains for proper heat transfer? What are the considerations to be taken into account in this case? I have never taken heat transfer classes before and am a little lost in this subject.
The large cylinder has a viewing window for about 20% area causing the radiation. When you say conjugate heat transfer, what are all the effects that should be considered here?
Is it just conduction and radiation? Is Shell conduction in FLUENT a proper model for this case?

Sorry about all the open ended questions but I'm just looking for some heads up.



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