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ThinX April 22, 2009 14:38

Obtaining Shadow Walls
Hi Guys,

I am in the process of simulating a transient conjugate heat transfer problem of a car brake disc, however Fluent does not automatically insert shadow walls in order to couple the two fluids. If I tell you the meshing and modelling process may be you can see where I have gone wrong adn advise:

As the brake disc is a complex design it has been modelled in CAD and imported into Gambit from a .stp file (and meshed as a solid), the same has been done with the surrounding fluid volume (meshed as fluid). However the surrounding fluid volume contains a subtraction of the brake disc and the original brake disc is imported over the top so fluid and solid cells do not overlap. Is this the correct process or is the subtraction not necassary? In addition, in order to achieve the shadow walls will walls have to be assigned as B.C in Gambit by picking the faces of the brake disc which are adjacent to the fluid zone?

Thanks for your time and help regarding this matter!

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