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ck5285 April 22, 2009 23:51

Fluent vs Flow-3D Benchmark
Hi All Users
Would like to understand if anyone has performance benchmark studied between Fluent vs Flow-3D? especially focus on VOF and moving meshing options. Thanks in advance.

sahas April 23, 2009 09:15

May be, the information below will be useful for you =)

I tried modeling the break-up of the water jet in the air and the formation of the drops. I used Fluent (VOF-model) and unfortunately the results was strong mismatched with the experiment =(
Next, I used OpenFOAM. Results are good =)

P.S. And as I know, in Flow3D the VOF-model gives appropriate results.

ck5285 April 23, 2009 20:17

Hi Sahas
the Flow3D that you mentioned is referring to Flow-3D from FlowScience right? do you have any link that i can look at the comparison? Thanks

sahas April 24, 2009 03:47

I think, there is only one Flow3D, isnt'it? =)
May be I am wrong...
Unfortunately, I have no deal with Flow3D, I only hear about it "from the second hands" =)

ck5285 April 26, 2009 20:42

Thanks for the sharing. :)

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