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Ralf Schmidt April 24, 2009 09:20

determine face position

I need the exact position of a face in Fluent.

I want to apply a BC profile on a face (e.g. HTC) from simulation 1 as starting condition to simulation 2. So the face in both simulations have to be on exactly the same place (they have to match), otherwise, BC are not reproduced well.

How to do so? I took the position of the face in grid 1 from gambit and translated the face in simulation 2 for matching with that position.

In Simulation 1, I wrote the HTC profile from the face into a file. I read that file into Simulation 2 and selected it as a BC for the face.

But somehow, the BC are not transfered correctly :mad:.
Maybe there is something wrong with the position of the face?? Or might there be other problems??

Thanks for answering!
Ralf Schmidt

Ralf Schmidt April 24, 2009 09:37

problem solved - but still a question
ok... i got it ... made something wrong by translating the face...

But still, the question is, how to determine the position of a face ( or the center of a face) in Fluent WITHOUT using gambit ??

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