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blueman_esf62 April 27, 2009 04:36

air jet impingment on a moving flat plate
Dear forum users

I've a 2D axi-asymmetric air jet impinges on a flat moving plate case.

I want to do a heat transfer analysis on this case using Fluent 6.3.

1- What turbulence model is appropriate for this case?
2- What kind of discretization scheme should I use for this case?
3- Any experimental data for cases similar to my case is appreciated.

Ralf Schmidt April 27, 2009 09:40


turbulence modeling is a big thing. I modeled some similar situations (no moving wall), and we figured out, that the sst k-w model give best HTC results compared to literature data.

What Re-number has your jet and what fluid is it? that might be considered when selecting turbulence model....

One additional thing, you have to take care about is the meshing close to your wall. Depending on the turbulence model (or wall function), the y-plus value is VERY important.
Additionally, you have to consider the grow-rate of the cells close to the wall. There is an effect as well!!

All this are results we found from the investigation of a number of standard situations - including the flat plate, wall mounted cube, impinging jet, cylinder in cross and axial flow. One day, i gonna publish that.... :)

Best wishes

p.s.: how to model that situation in 2D? I can not imagine. If you model that situation 2D axis symmetrical as well, in which direction does the plate move?? Or modeling the plate movement in 2D, you can not model an axis-symmetrical jet (it will be a slot like jet). So you have to do it in 3D ... maybe using the symmetry plane the lies parallel to the plate movement

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