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anksta April 29, 2009 05:17

Exporting Multiple Meshes to Fluent
Hi guys, sorry if this is a bit of a stupid question I feel like it is. basically I'm modelling an artery in Gambit and need to solve it in Fluent. I have 4 meshes on 4 separate parts and when I export them it only exports one, same as when I load that back into Gamibt.

I didnt see any options or anything when I was exporting and I've tried to link the meshes but nothing happens. There must be a way to do it and I don't doubt that it is relatively simple but if someone could tell me or point me in the right direction I'd be extremely grateful, this is for my dissertation and I'm running the deadline pretty close at the minute.


mettler April 29, 2009 08:14

if I remember correctly, you have to link the meshes in Gambit. I don't think Fluent will be able to solve the problem if there is a discontinuity between the meshes - it won't know how to handle that. I don't know how much experience you have with Fluent, but their tutorials are pretty good. That is how I learned Fluent.

NABEEL May 5, 2009 05:36

You will have to link the 4 parts. Bcz in fluent u can solve 1 integral part at a time. So connect them or modell them separately if possible.

hari_ls May 5, 2009 08:07

You can define grid interfaces between each part, so that the common surface will be treated as internal,and other region will be treated as wall. Hope this helps

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